students using VR headsets

Partnerships & Outreach

One of our key aims at Greenfield is to empower children to be active members of the local and wider community.

As part of our holistic approach to education we aim to ensure that Greenfield School pupils have a meaningful and positive impact on the world around them – whether that be individual fundraising or larger community projects.


With the abundance of opportunities that are available to children at Greenfield, we are proud to share our facilities and resources with the wider community in a range of applications.

Partnership with Sythwood School

Each year we host a series of creative workshops at Greenfield with Sythwood School children. The children have enjoyed using our VR Headsets to explore the vast world of virtual reality in their science workshops. We have also welcomed children to art sessions with our Head of Art Mrs Goodwill and gymnastics sessions. Children from Sythwood who showed particular skill in these areas have been invited back to participate in our scholars’ groups or additional coaching sessions.

Sports Tournaments

Hosting up to 10 different schools at a time, we take the opportunity to use our green field as much as possible, now that we have an abundance of space at our disposal. Football tournaments and festivals for boys and girls are regularly hosted with schools in the area, but we look forward to soon being able to host netball and hockey tournaments with our new facilities.

Maths and English Challenges

We relish the opportunity to invite other local school children to join us for our Maths and English challenge days. Typically aimed at a particular year group, these days consist of a series of puzzles or activities with one school being crowned winner by an independent judge.


Year 6 Dragon’s Den

For our Year 6 Dragon’s Den this year, the children start off by researching charities throughout our ‘Make A Difference’ Week. Once they have chosen a charity, the children must come up with a pitch and business plan to sell their socially responsible products, in order to gain funding. Once funding is obtained they will then make their products at school and set up a stall within our school “market”, where products can be bought and sold to other children. All profits are donated to the children’s chosen charities.

£1000 Raised In Dragon’s Den 2022

How did thirty-seven 11-year old children manage to raise over £1000 for charity, all by themselves?! A six-week challenge, a trio of fearsome Dragons and an endless supply of energy and creativity led our Year 6 children to success in this year’s Dragon’s Den project.

Sponsor a leopard

Our Young Zoologists club have been keen to adopt an animal for some time, and this year they have started to sponsor a leopard! With regular updates on their leopard, the children are able to enrich their learning in Young Zoologists club whilst gaining valuable insight into how charities can support every animal. Our Greenfield leopard was named ‘Luna’ by one of our Year 1 children, in reference to the leopard’s nocturnal lifestyle.

Crazy Hair Mufti Day

For Red Nose Day this year, we handed the reigns to our Year 6 pupils, allowing them to take responsibility and work as a team to organise our fundraising for Comic Relief. The children decided on a “Crazy Hair” Mufti Day – with some amazing efforts!

Loud T-Shirt Day

We participated in Loud T-shirt Day this year – giving children the opportunity to understand more about the deaf community whilst raising money for Auditory Verbal UK, a charity which offers therapy and speech lessons for deaf children.

Harvest Festival

For Harvest Festival, we were able to donate over 50 bulging bags and boxes of dry goods and toiletries for Woking Food Banks


In Autumn, children and staff participated in the Woking Swimathon, raising a whopping £1000 for the Rotary Club

WWF Bake Sale

Our Future World Team and World Warriors – a committee of children who are focused on making changes in the world – organised and carried out their own bake sale in the playground. The Future World Warriors and Future World Team is a group of children across all year groups who are committed to making ongoing positive changes in the world. Every week, they meet over breaktime to discuss new idea and initiatives that can be put in place around a certain topic. The children will then do their own research and present their findings before launching a fundraising campaign for a particular charity. Over lockdown, although we could not host these meetings in person, our Future World Team continued to set “challenges” for the Greenfield community that benefited the local community or helped the environment: for example, build a habitat for an animal, start a compost pile.

Children (and staff!) emptied their pockets and enjoyed a homemade treat at breaktime in aid of a good cause.

Sal’s Shoes

At the end of the academic year, we asked all families to bring in their child’s outgrown shoes to donate – we were able to fill 7 large boxes with over 60 pairs of shoes to donate to Sal’s Shoes, where they will be given to children who are living without shoes.

York Road

When it was announced that our children would not be returning to school in January 2021, our kitchen had already ordered food in anticipation of over 300 hungry children. Rather than let it go to waste, we loaded up our minibus and took the spare food to York Road where the food could feed others in need.


We are so inspired to see our children undertaking charitable endeavours in their free time at home – we love to share their efforts with our community to inspire others to follow suit.