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Applying for a Place

The Greenfield application process is designed to be straight-forward and child-centred. The sections below provide a brief explanation of the various stages, but for more information, please contact us.

Click here to read the school’s Registration and Admissions Policy.


Registering your child is an expression of your interest in pursuing a place at Greenfield Little School or Greenfield School. Registration costs £100 for a place at Little School, and £100 for a place in Reception to Year 6 at Greenfield School. If you wish to register your child for both a place in Little School and a place in Reception, two fees of £100 are due.

Parents are required to submit a copy of our Registration Form. In doing so, your child will either be provisionally allocated a place or their name will be placed on the waiting list for entry at the entry date specified on the Registration Form.

If registering for Little School, places are only allocated a maximum of six months in advance.

In circumstances where a child’s name is placed on the waiting list, the School will contact parents should a place become available.

The Registration Form is available on request.


Greenfield School is academically non-selective. However, the Headmistress must be sure that the school can meet the individual needs of each child and will request to meet each applicant.

Before a formal offer is made, a Pre-Deposit Assessment is carried out to ascertain whether Greenfield is an appropriate setting for the child. In the event that the decision is taken by the school not to offer a place the registration fee will not be returned.

Pre-Deposit Assessments take on a different format, depending on the age of the child.  Parents hoping for their child to join Little School will be invited to bring their child to visit the setting and meet our nursery staff and discuss their child’s development. This usually takes place four to five months before entry, where time allows.

Children in Reception or above are invited for a Taster Day. Children in Year 1 upwards will complete some Maths and English work as a means of ascertaining current levels of understanding before a place is formally offered.

Children in the Upper School (Years 3-6) are preparing for entrance exams to senior schools, and it is therefore of utmost importance that new pupils are able to maintain the level of work being completed by the class as a whole. As an academically non-selective school, the parameters for entry in Year 3 and above will differ each year and each prospective pupil will be considered as to their suitability to join the dynamics of the current class.

A member of the learning enrichment team will also meet each child during their visit.


Once a place has been formally offered, the deposit will be requested and the Parent Contract will be issued. The deposit for a Little School place is £250, and for a place in Reception to Year 6, is £500. Parents must pay the deposit and return the signed Contract alongside all necessary supporting paperwork by the deadline stated in the offer letter. Failure to do so may result in the offer being withdrawn. 


Children joining Little School will receive two settling-in sessions, free of charge, to enable the child to get used to the setting, and have appropriate exchange of information between the parents and nursery staff. These usually take place two to three weeks before entry.

Pupils joining at rising 3 or rising 4 will be invited to a taster session in the weeks prior to them joining the school.  In circumstances where there are a number of children joining at the same time, this may take place in the form of a group session.

Pupils joining Reception, the Lower, Middle or Upper School will be invited to a Taster Day at the end of the term prior to them joining the School.

In circumstances where children aged 3+ are joining mid-term, individual settling-in sessions will be arranged on a case by case basis.

Prior to their child’s first day, parents are given access to a Welcome Pack containing information on payment of fees, insurance policiesuniform lists and other important documentation.


We offer sibling priority wherever possible, providing that all the usual admissions criteria and assessments have been met and the Headmistress is satisfied that the sibling is well suited to Greenfield School.