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Uniform lists for each age group are available to download using the links below.

Our school uniform is supplied by Stevensons Schoolwear, operating from Guildford Schools and Sports located in Burpham (210 London Road, Burpham, Guildford GU4 7JS), and we also have a second hand uniform shop run by a Greenfield parent volunteer.

Stevensons website

Important Notes

  • On days when children have PE, they wear PE kit into school.
  • Our Uniform is unisex.
  • Children in Reception wear the Lower School uniform with a polo top instead of white shirt and tie until the beginning of the summer term.
  • All children in Reception through to Year 6 must own a blazer.
  • Skirts may be chosen in favour of a tunic in Years 5 and 6 only.
  • Children who fail to bring the required PE kit, such as a properly-fitting mouthguard, to appropriate PE lessons will not be able to participate.

Second-Hand Uniform

FroGS (Friends of Greenfield School) maintain an excellent supply of second-hand uniform and welcome donations and purchases throughout the school year, hosting frequent Second-Hand Uniform sales before term starts and throughout the school year.

If you would like to donate some good quality uniform to our second hand uniform supply, you may do so by labelling the donations and dropping them into the school for the attention of FroGS.

If you would like to donate some good quality uniform to our second-hand uniform shop, then please drop them into the school in the box labelled “Second-Hand Uniform”. If you would like to profit share then please fill in and print the labels below and put them in a bag with your items before donating.

The Second-Hand Uniform Shop only accepts current uniform of a satisfactory quality. The following items are NOT eligible for resale by the Second-Hand Uniform Shop unless brand new: socks, tights, swimwear, elasticated ties or hair accessories. We DO accept good quality Pre-Prep polo shirts, grey trousers/shorts, white shirts and dance leotards.

Please note: Items that are not deemed to be of satisfactory quality will be donated to charity or recycled. The Second-Hand Uniform Shop is under no obligation to return items to parents that do not sell or are deemed in too poor quality to sell.

If you have any questions regarding the Second-Hand Uniform shop, then please email Beki Han and Emily Watson at