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Clubs and After-School Care

We recognise that the school day alone does not always allow enough time for parents to work and commute. With this in mind we have curated a combination of extended care and clubs to ensure children who stay beyond the school day are provided with enjoyable and stimulating options that offer flexibility for parents.

Before-school Care

Breakfast Club runs from 07:30 and can be booked on a termly or ad-hoc basis. (Booking for ad-hoc sessions closes at midday of the day prior). All children from Robins through to Year 6 can attend Breakfast Club, which takes place in our beautiful, light dining room. There is always a lovely atmosphere where our youngest and oldest pupils come together to enjoy their favourite breakfast, read or play board games before the school day begins.

After School Care for Early Years and Pre-Prep

After school care is available from 15:30-18:00 and includes tea for those children staying beyond 16:30. It can be booked on a termly or ad-hoc basis. (Booking for ad-hoc sessions closes at midday of the day prior).

Our youngest pupils need time for free play and a re-charge after a busy day of school, so they are provided with plenty of toys, arts and crafts and outdoor play to allow them to unwind however they choose.

Prep for Prep!

Prep takes place from 15:40-16:30 and can be booked on a termly or ad-hoc basis. (Booking for ad-hoc sessions closes at midday of the day prior).

If they are booked to stay beyond 15:40 (and they are not attending a club) children in Years 3-6 spend the first session of after-school care doing their homework in prep club. This means that whether they are collected at 16:30 or 18:00 they won’t have any work to worry about and they can go home and unwind. A member of staff supervises prep, which offers a calm, quiet environment for everyone to concentrate. 

After Prep, children in Years 3-6 either attend a late club or join After School Care for tea (see above).

After School Clubs

Most clubs take place from 15:40-16:30, although times vary and some occur after 16:30. Ad-hoc booking is not available for clubs, all bookings are for the entire term. 

There is a huge array of clubs for children of all ages to choose from. Clubs are booked termly and the selection on offer changes from time to time. Currently on offer we have archery, art, athletics, bookmunchers, ballet, chess, basketball, film making, junior engineers, dodgeball, football and much more!

Lunchtime Clubs

We have a good selection of lunchtime clubs that run for 30 minutes during the children’s lunchbreak (still allowing time for lunch of course!) Ad-hoc booking is not available for lunchtime clubs, all bookings are for the entire term. 

Lunchtime clubs include ballet, tap dancing, basketball and cricket.

Holiday Clubs

Each year we work towards providing as much childcare for parents during the school holidays as possible. This usually covers the three half term breaks (October, February and May), as well as the majority of the Christmas, Easter and Summer term breaks (excluding bank holidays and school closure dates). 

Camp Beaumont use our site to host holiday clubs during the majority of our school holidays. These are open to the general public but Greenfield families receive a booking discount code. 

Greenfield Holiday Club operates during certain weeks of the holidays. This is only open to Greenfield families and usually bridges the gap between Camp Beaumont dates and our term dates. 

Children in our Little School Nursery, who have 50 week places, need not book holiday clubs as their care is provided as part of the nursery provision.