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What makes a successful P.E. department?

30th November 2023

Recently we caught up with our Physical Education team, to discuss what makes a great P.E provision at any school. Led by our new Director of Sport Mr. Maxwell, here…

The Robots Are Coming

8th November 2023

Head of Science Mr Lovejoy considers how Greenfield is helping to equip the next generation with skills and knowledge to prepare them for future technological advances, through exploratory STEM lessons.  The world…

Prioritising Childhood Mental Health

10th October 2023

Nurturing a positive outlook and mental wellbeing is a core part of our approach at Greenfield. We consider how the shaping of a child’s primary education can nurture their mental…

Starting in Reception: Making the Transition from Nursery to ‘Big School’.

6th October 2023

Starting school is a big milestone for children. It is a time of new beginnings, new challenges, and new opportunities. For parents, it can also be a time of mixed…

Back To School: What’s On in the Summer?

21st April 2023

What’s coming up this term? Summer Term is here! Although it’s not quite brilliant sunshine yet, we look forward to a calendar full of events in the summer term. Connecting…

Early Benefits of Outdoor Learning

20th April 2023

Whether it’s in the playground, out on the field, or in our Forest School: outdoor play and learning are vital to a child’s development, especially during their early formative years….

5 Things To Do Before Your Child Starts Reception

18th April 2023

As we approach the Summer Term and consider our new joiners in September, here are 5 ways you can prepare for your little one starting their transition to big school….

How to Choose the Best Senior School for your Child

17th March 2023

Following this year’s record-breaking results, Headmistress Mrs Botting reflects on how to choose the right school for each child. Now that all of our Year 6 results are in and…

How do we use Arts for Mental Health?

10th February 2023

We asked Greenfield staff: do you have any creative endeavours that help you look after your mental health? Here’s what they had to say: Music has a real power to…

Embracing the Challenges and Rewards of Lifelong Learning

10th January 2023

What makes a ‘Greenfield Learner?’ Mrs Butcher discusses the importance of having a positive attitude towards learning, and makes some discoveries about the staff at Greenfield! …I think I might…