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Brighter Futures at Greenfield School

At Greenfield School, we pride ourselves on being at the very forefront of preparatory education. Year after year our 11+ results speak for themselves, as our Year 6 leavers achieve their chosen Senior Schools across a broad range, with scholarships equally as diverse.  Opportunities abound for Greenfield graduates, with incredible options leading to brighter futures.

You and your staff are responsible for instilling such remarkable strengths in our children.

Parent of Year 4 child, 2021

With scholarships in Academia, Sports, Music, Drama, DT and Art, our class of 2023 encapsulate the well-rounded, holistic approach we take to education. Every child is unique, and so is their future. Each child is nurtured to excel, thrive and flourish in a variety of disciplines, allowing them to grow confidence as an individual and become their own success story.

You have helped our girls overcome so many challenges and fears, and I can see just how Greenfield has shaped their lives and their capabilities; it really is quite incredible how far they have come… and they still love learning – one of the biggest gifts in life!

Parent of Y6 Leavers, 2023

With our strong pastoral roots, Greenfield maintains a pastoral ethos that nurtures happiness, empathy and stability alongside each pupil’s school studies. Our inspection report in June 2023 provides further insider into the dynamic atmosphere of our thriving prep school in Woking.

Everyone at Greenfield has instilled such confidence and self-esteem into our daughter. She has been beyond prepared academically; the learning has just quietly occurred whilst she has embraced the other aspects of school. I can not thank Greenfield enough and [our daughter] will always have such fond, happy memories of her time with you.

Parent of Year 6 leaver, 2017

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