Empowering Future Leaders

At Greenfield School, children benefit from a modern and up-to-date education t hat prepares them for an ever-advancing future. Children enjoy long afternoon STEM sessions where they plan, prepare, design and execute experiments, based on classroom learning. Children in their STEM sessions can often be found out in the courtyard, building technical models, testing vehicles and perfecting their designs.

As well as in-depth Science sessions, from Lower School children begin to take part in advanced discussions about the world and its components, our history and culture; the diverse and ever-changing world around them. With weekly sessions in Understanding the World, History, and Geography, as well as plenty of outdoor Forest School sessions where children can inspect the world around them with a magnifying glass, Greenfield children are taught that they are part of a much wider world. Leaving Greenfield, they have a solid foundation to grow on and will continue to understand the world around them, adapting to technological advances and changing landscapes.

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