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A Day in Pre-Prep

Every day in Pre-Prep is a busy day! But they are days filled with laughter and learning. Below is a selection of things you might come to expect from a day in Pre-Prep. Example timetables for specific year groups can be requested from the Head of Admissions.

Example Timetable

07:30-08:15  Optional Breakfast Club
08:15-08:25  The classroom doors open at 08:15, where your child’s teacher will be ready to greet them and the teaching assistant will be there to help them hang up their coats and get ready for the day.
08:35-09:00  The Big Sing brings together all of Pre-Prep for a jolly good sing-a-long. Opening up the airways and getting us all ready for the day.
09:00-10:05  Concentration is often best in the morning and so we dedicate this time to English and Maths lessons. From Reception upwards, English and Maths are taught in at least three separate groups, usually ability split, ensuring every child receives the focus they need and can make rapid and significant progress. 
10:05-10:30 Snack and break time allow busy little people to blow off some steam and enjoy some fresh air. We are outside in all but the worst weather so a coat and hat are essential!
10:30-11:15 A trip to Forest School might be on the cards. We are lucky to have a fully qualified Forest School teacher on our staff, but all our staff are trained to supervise the children safely in our onsite and offsite forest school. The children love to cook up a storm in the mud kitchen or go hunting for bugs and beetles.
11:15-12:00 Year 1 and 2 might have an Art Carousel lesson, where they enjoy a rotational selection of lessons including gymnastics, set design and architecture!
12:00-13:00 A delicious hot lunch in the dining room followed by a run around outside. Some children love to burn off their bolognese with a game of football, whilst others might digest their fish pie whilst spinning on the roundabout…!
13:00-13:20 Our form time takes place after lunch, ensuring valuable morning concentration is focussed on the core subjects. Form teachers use this time to cover Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) topics and share in the celebration of individual achievements.
13:20-15:35 This period covers three individual lesson sessions, which might be dedicated to a weekly swimming lesson (Years 1 and 2) or could include specialist Music or Drama lessons.
15:35-15:40  Home time. The teachers help the children gather their things ready to dismiss them to you so they can tell you every detail of their busy day (or simply what they had for lunch)!


The teachers at Greenfield were amazing; always so kind and caring, and such a great place to learn and grow as a young child.

Class of 2018 Greenfield alumna

They look out for each other, providing support and encouragement in abundance and older pupils provide excellent role models for the younger children

ISI Inspection Report May 2023