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Owen (Class of 2022)

Owen (Class of 2022)

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I joined Greenfield School in the Early Years ‘Owls’ classroom in 2014. I graduated in 2022 in Year 6 and I now go to King Edward’s School, Witley.

I was very little when I first came to Greenfield for a visit. I was only two-and-a-half, so can’t remember too much! When I started in Owls I had Miss Collins as a teacher – I remember her being very kind and doing lots of playing and dressing up.

My favourite teachers were Mrs Hudd, Mr Szabo and Mr Lovejoy. Mrs Hudd was funny and friendly; Mr Szabo was a great PE teacher and gave good advice about sport. Also, Mrs Cooke was my Year 2 teacher and she was always very friendly and nice to me. Mr Lovejoy was a fun science teacher, but I liked him mainly because he’s a Tottenham fan just like me. Come on you Spurs!

One of the best memories at Greenfield had to be on the Isle of Wight sailing trip – it was epic, and great to be on the water every day. I remember nearly crashing into a Cargo boat whilst on a canoe – we just got out of the way in time! I never told my Mum that story – she will know now, though!

All of the residential trips were great, from PGL to Bushcraft. I also really enjoyed the Dragons Den Business task in Year 6 selling keyrings, plus the Year 6 production of Matilda. Winning the Kindness Cup too – I’ll always remember that, I was so proud.

I think Greenfield is unique because it is a kind but also fun school. The children are really nice to people – Mrs Botting always told us remember the ‘Greenfield Way’, which means remembering to be kind and thoughtful to others. Basically to treat others how you want be treated.

I have made lifelong friends from being a pupil at Greenfield. No matter what you do or who you are, you are accepted and have the freedom to explore your interests which has given me so much confidence now at senior school. I have many happy memories at Greenfield.

I still keep in touch with lots of the friends I made there – and quite a few came with me to KESW! I know my parents have also made really good friends thanks to me being at Greenfield – there is definitely a community feel, which is nice.

My favourite subjects were French and History, which I still really enjoy at KESW and aim to study for my GCSEs. I also loved PE and anything with a competitive side – Sports Days, fixtures, all the competitions and sprint races!

When I made my senior school visits, I chose KESW as it’s a lovely school and has the same kind spirit as Greenfield – and it also has great sports facilities which I love.

In my free time, I play Sunday League football (I got the Golden Boot award last season!) I also like hockey and tennis. I love go-karting as well and qualified for the National Go Karting Championship Final in my age group. I came 8th, which was not bad considering that was my first season driving! My interests are football and Formula 1 so I would like to have a career in either when I am older.

For anyone considering Greenfield – you will love your time there, and make lots of friends.

Closing comment from Mum – what has been your experience of Greenfield?

Greenfield has been a big part of mine and my family’s life now for nearly 10 years and still going as I have a younger son still here! I am so glad I picked this school for my boys. They have been happy, looked after and done well. However, the friends made and the community is what I will remember the most when we leave. I am not from the area originally, so I didn’t know many people in Woking at all. Greenfield changed all of that, and we have all made really good friends through school connections. I have so many happy memories of the various events, plays, performances that we have been involved in over the years, I will be very sad to leave when that day comes and hope the school continues to do well in the future!

Celia (Class of 2015)

Celia (Class of 2015)

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I attended Greenfield Prep School from their Early Years section, in 2007. My younger sister also attended Greenfield with me.

Looking back, Greenfield was unlike other schools in that it had a very supportive atmosphere, where the teachers truly thought of you as an individual and encouraged you to pursue your talents. Everyone seemed to know each other; it was a super friendly community to be a part of.

My favourite teacher was Mrs Maher. She was always so friendly, but still pushed me to achieved my best. I also remember Mrs Kettlewell – she was truly so kind. Highlights of Greenfield included Sports Days, the Isle of Wight trip, a trip to France (although I can’t quite remember what it was for…!) and being a part of the school choir. It was such much fun; we performed in a concert singing competition, as well as at the Royal Festival Hall!

My favourite subjects were Science, Maths and Geography – these sparked a love for these subjects right the way through A-levels, where I achieved 3 A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Geography. I did my GCSEs at Guildford High School, which was also a very supportive school in helping you achieve your personal best.

I’m now a Medical student at the University of East Anglia – one day I hope to become a doctor but not fully decided yet! I also work as a part-time nursery assistant, as well as competing for my University in Dance competitions (which I started during my school years). I continued my love of hockey (also started at Greenfield) and I‘m on the hockey committee at UEA.

Reflecting on my Greenfield years, the supportive atmosphere gave me the best start for higher education, which is so valuable for anyone considering a school for their child. My advice for any children at school right now, hoping to achieve their goals is simply – try your best!

Hannah (Class of 2009)

Hannah (Class of 2009)


I joined Greenfield School in 2002 and graduated at the end of Year Six, in 2009. I was four years old when I first joined; I almost ended up going to a different school since Greenfield, being a much smaller site back then, so didn’t have any spaces left! Luckily, a couple of days before term was due to start, a space opened up for me, and I remember being welcomed with open arms into the school, despite starting later than most of my peers

I have too many teachers to list as my favourite, but I have particularly fond memories of my Year 2 teachers; Mrs Engel and Mrs Sharkey remember were extremely kind and caring. Of course, Mrs Hine also deserves a mention for developing my love of sport throughout my early years.

Being an avid football fan and player, PE was one of my favourite subjects; and every day I would look forward to playing football at break times. I continued this love of sport into secondary school and beyond. Although I no longer play seriously, I learnt a lot of valuable skills about teamwork and good sportsmanship from it that I use in my life now.

Weirdly enough, another class I loved at Greenfield was our handwriting class. Everyone else in my class seemed to hate them but I found them so therapeutic – I’m proud to say my handwriting to this day is still very good (not to brag!).

Looking back, I think the relationships you form with the teachers at Greenfield really sets the school apart. It never felt like the teachers were treating me as just a ‘student’, they really got to know us as individuals. This not only boosted our confidence, but also enabled our teachers to tailor their teaching methods to suit each individual.

Further Education

I then went on to St Teresa’s school in Effingham as I felt it to be the most personable and caring of the schools I went to visit – something I was already used to having attended Greenfield! I continued playing sports and enjoying PE, as well as History and RE, which I took all the way to A-Level.

After A-Levels, I attended Oxford University to study Philosophy and Theology. I wanted to apply and complete the admissions process – despite it being intense – as it was a valuable experience and I was curious about Oxford University. To get in, I had to submit two essays, take a subject-specific exam and attend five interviews in Oxford with different professors. I must admit I was a bit shocked when I’d finally been told I’d got in!

Whilst it was academically intense, Oxford really wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I really enjoyed my time at university and will forever cherish the memories I made there. I am so privileged to have received such a great education and I’m sure that spending my foundation years at Greenfield set me on the right path to achieve this.

What’s Next?

I am currently a dog trainer; I lead puppy obedience classes and help people that are having behaviour issues with their dogs. I love it because I get to really make a difference to people’s lives, and who wouldn’t love getting to see puppies every day?! I am working towards becoming a qualified dog behaviourist, where I will be able to help people whose dogs have more serious problems, like aggression or separation anxiety.

Even now, I am still in touch with a number of my classmates from Greenfield. Our families have remained close friends since our school days and when we get together we always reminisce and laugh about all the funny stories we have from Greenfield. The Year 5 trip to Osmington Bay was a particular highlight! I had previously been very homesick on trips away, but the teachers made it a really comfortable and fun atmosphere.

You won’t find a more loving, caring, enriching environment to spend your school days than Greenfield.

Katie (Class of 2018)

Katie (Class of 2018)


I joined Greenfield when I was four years old and left at the end of Year Six in 2018. I am now in Year 10 at St. John’s School, Leatherhead. I absolutely loved my time at Greenfield, and I feel like it has prepared me well for life at senior school.

My first impression of Greenfield was that it had a warm, friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

As soon as I walked through the door people came up to talk and play with me and I quickly made lots of friends. I’m told that it was the welcoming atmosphere, the enthusiasm of the pupils and the obvious passion for teaching and education shown by the staff, which persuaded my parents to choose Greenfield for me.

The teachers at Greenfield were amazing; always so kind and caring, and such a great place to learn and grow as a young child.

I always felt supported and I knew that I could go to a teacher for help or advice whenever I needed it. They built up my self-esteem and helped me to believe that I could do anything that I set my mind to. Mr Lovejoy was one of my favourite teachers because he made our Science lessons really fun!

The children at Greenfield were all very kind and didn’t want anyone to feel left out – my friends and I would spend our breaktimes talking to nearly everyone in the year group and playing sports.

I enjoyed all my lessons at Greenfield, but my favourites were French, Spanish, Drama, History, and Maths. I also enjoyed lots of after school clubs such as Judo and Computing. I loved the lunches and teas we had at Greenfield, too!

My favourite moment during my time there was probably the ski trip when I was in Year 5. It was really fun to spend time with my friends and learn new skills. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, being away from home, even if only for a few days, gave me a lot of confidence and definitely helped me to be a bit more independent –  something that was very useful when starting secondary school.

I am currently studying for my GCSEs – I’m taking all of my favourite subjects including French, Spanish, Drama and History. I still have a love of languages but my favourite subject now is History. I’m glad to say that I am still in touch with many of my friends from Greenfield; one of our favourite things to do is play water sports on the weekends.

Having so many different interests and favourite subjects, I’m not yet certain on what I want to do when I grow up – but I know that Greenfield will have prepared me well for whatever I choose to do. My advice to anyone thinking of joining Greenfield is to do it because it is an amazing school and I loved every minute there.

Chloe (Class of 2019)

Chloe (Class of 2019)


Chloe attended Greenfield between 2011 and 2019, and now goes to Farnborough Hill.

My time at Greenfield was just before the Covid-19 outbreak, and my year group was the last class to finish Year 6 at the Brooklyn Road site before it moved to Old Woking Road. I now go to Farnborough Hill, and I am really enjoying it there. Outside of school I love to do aerial gymnastics – I work with hoops, silks and the trapeze and have performed at Woking’s Party in the Park. I play the flute and piano – both of which I started at Greenfield!

My parents chose Greenfield because they loved the friendly feel; the children all seemed very happy, and my parents had to drag me out of the Robins classroom when we visited because I thought it was amazing! There was a real sense of community – all the pupils got to know each other through clubs, the playground, mentoring and our different interests. We were all friends with everyone! The older children would know the younger children and looked out for them. I liked having friends in different year groups and feeling that you knew everybody; teachers and pupils alike. All the teachers were really supportive, and I always felt part of a big family. I’m still in contact with all the girls from my class, even though one of us now lives abroad.

My favourite year at Greenfield was Year 6. I had just come back from living in Bermuda for two years and everyone welcomed me back, like I had never been away. I felt very loved and settled back in very quickly. During Year 6 I really enjoyed doing our production of Mary Poppins, Dragon’s Den and the school trips; especially Bushcraft. Dragon’s Den was great because we got to experience what it would be like to manage your own business, and I got to work with one of my best friends. Bushcraft was so much fun! We made a shelter out of sticks and leaves, and we were allowed to sleep in them. I was only brave enough to do it once. We played lots of games and learnt how to survive in the woods. We got to roast marshmallows too! Yum!

I also really enjoyed Drama – I loved rehearsing for Mary Poppins, my end of year production and loved playing Winifred and the Bird Woman. For the Bird Woman role, I sang a solo and some of my teachers told me afterwards that I’d made them cry (happy tears I promise!). I felt very special, and I will never forget having that opportunity to shine and to sing for an audience. I also sang a duet with one of my best friends and we loved that experience. I now do Musical Theatre and Acting classes at Guildford School of Acting.

A moment that I’ll always remember was when Mrs Steenekamp (the art teacher at the time) invited me to be an Art Scholar, but when we moved to Bermuda I was not able to do this with her. She told me to not give up on my passion and to continue to paint and explore design as much as I could. This meant a lot to me, because it made me feel confident in my abilities and it is wonderful when a teacher encourages your passions. When I came back from Bermuda, Mrs Goodwill (the current Art teacher) was so wonderful to me. She always made me feel like I was an artist and I loved her lessons and her encouragement has stayed with me – I am still very passionate about Art – I am going to be taking textiles and art for GCSE. Mrs Goodwill became one of my favourite teachers; she hosted a lunchtime Art club just for Year 6s and it was a fun, happy place to be. Being able to make art whilst chatting to a lovely teacher was a real treat – I’m thankful that all the teachers were always so approachable.

When I am older I would like to work with animals. I am keen to study zoology or oceanography in some way. I have always wanted to make the world a safer place for wildlife and help endangered animals particularly. I have wanted to do this since I was in Robins and we learnt about the Polar Regions! When I was living in Bermuda I spent a day learning about dolphins at the dolphin sanctuary and education centre and it was incredible.

My time at school helped me to learn to make friends wherever I go in life – Greenfield encourages kindness and understanding, and so whenever a new student joined, we would always try to make them feel welcome. Those skills helped me with making new friends when I moved to Bermuda for two years, and now at Farnborough Hill. It was a very special place for me – everybody wants you to try your best and be happy, it feels like a big family. The school trips are always lots of fun and you will make friends for life!

James (Class of 2017)

James (Class of 2017)

boy in his uniform

James joined Greenfield School in Year 5 where he completed two years before going on to RGS.

In Greenfield, you will be helped and supported right from day one. Before my first day at Greenfield, I was nervous about a lot of things but within seconds of my first day I had completely settled in. Also, I never got a chance to be nervous because of the warm, caring environment. I never got bored because all of the teachers made the lessons fun and enjoyable.

My favourite moment in Greenfield was the trip to the Isle of Wight with UKSA. I especially enjoyed the windsurfing, but the stand-up paddle boarding was also fun because in pairs we got to push each other off the board!

Going to secondary school makes me nervous by just thinking about it, but I have learnt so much from Greenfield so I think I will be fine. Also, I have a few friends from Greenfield coming with me so that takes away most of the nerves.

My favourite subject was PE because we always did things that were so fun and active and we got to try out many different things.

When I get older, I aspire to be a surgeon, but if possible maybe also a cricketer for at least my county because I love cricket. I know that I may not get to do this, so I am open to do many other things.

Our Year 6 play was Alice in Wonderland, which I loved. It was so fun to act out and the play seemed so funny.

I am going to really miss Greenfield, even though I was there for two years, because of the fun times I had there but I am looking forward to my new challenge at The Royal Grammar School.

Gemma (Class of 2016)

Gemma (Class of 2016)

girl holding a saxaphone

Hi, my name is Gemma and I’m a past pupil of Greenfield. I started when I was 3 years old and left in Year 6 in 2016 and have just finished my first year at St. Catherine’s, Bramley.

When my parents visited Greenfield, they instantly loved the friendly environment and knew that I would enjoy it. As they first looked around, they received a really warm welcome from all the pupils and teachers.

The teachers were extremely encouraging and believed we could do anything.

They made learning really fun and you always wanted to do more. They were also very kind and caring and they helped you to achieve your goals.

Music has always been one of my favourite subjects and Mr Davies helped me a lot to learn to play the saxophone and achieve my Music Scholarships and Awards.

The pupils were kind and welcoming. When you were new and hadn’t made many friends yet, they always welcomed you into the Greenfield community. They looked out for each other, even if they were years below or above you. I loved the buddy system because in Year 6 I looked after some Year 1 children and listened to them read.

Year 6 was definitely my favourite and most memorable year. Most people would agree. Some of the memories I will never forget are the trip to the Isle of Wight and our leavers’ play, Alice in Wonderland. I had the part of the Queen of Hearts and I really enjoyed shouting “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” at everyone. Mrs Sharkey and Miss Botting did an amazing job of my hair and make-up, and Mrs Botting’s mother made me a fantastic costume. The Isle of Wight was an experience I will always remember because I had never sailed until then and I want to do more.

When I am older I’m not sure what I will do but it will probably be along the lines of music and maths.

My first year at St. Catherine’s wasn’t as hard as I expected because the teachers at Greenfield prepared me so well.

Outside of school I compete in Ballroom Dancing and both schools have been so supportive and encouraged me to tell them how I have progressed.

Even though I am now in Senior School, Greenfield will always have a special place in my heart.

Kaizer (Class of 2015)

Kaizer (Class of 2015)

boy holding a ronaldo book

Kaizer left Greenfield in 2015 and moved to Reed’s School in Cobham with a Drama scholarship…

I have quite a few fond memories of Greenfield that stick in my mind. I will never forget when I performed as Mr Jones in our year 4 play, Blast Off! Also, ending Year 6 with an amazing residential to France which was the best school trip ever! I was extremely happy to have Mrs Maher in Year 4 and then again in Year 6. She was such a kind and supportive teacher. Also, Mrs Kettlewell was amazing …everyone should have a Mrs K in their life!

My parents chose Greenfield because of the warm, friendly and caring atmosphere that the school provided. Although there was a lot more to take on board, I think I did feel prepared for the challenges ahead at my new senior school. My advice to a year 6 student would be to work hard, challenge yourself and always think positive.

Greenfield is very caring and supportive school that work you to your full potential. In year 6, Greenfield prepared us so well for the senior entrance exams and interviews.

My favourite subject at Greenfield was Geography as it used to get quite competitive, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Games was also one of my most enjoyable lessons as there was a variety of sports I liked participating in. I enjoy a majority of subjects at Reeds but my most favourites are Drama and Sports!

I hope to continue acting and go on to be someone very successful in my future career!

students with a leapord

I attended Greenfield School from 1999-2006, and the memories I made at the school remain with me today. My fondest memories are from the various school trips and shows I was lucky enough to be involved in: trips to Osmington Bay, the Isle of Wight and France, and shows such as Beauty and the Beast and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. I also fondly remember the variety of extra-curricular activities that I was able to enjoy. I was part of the hockey and netball teams, as well as a member of the school choirs, orchestra and Phantoms band!

The teachers and pupils at Greenfield School were all incredibly friendly, and this gave the school a very safe and family-like feel. In particular, I remember Mrs Becker (the Headmistress during my time at Greenfield), Mrs Halliwell (my Year 6 teacher) and Mrs Kettlewell. They all supported me and encouraged me in my learning throughout my years at Greenfield, and I still reflect on the lessons they taught me. Personally, the pastoral care was key during my first year at Greenfield (as I had difficulties leaving my Mum at the gates!) and the teachers did all that they could to help me. I couldn’t have asked for a better school for me for this reason, and I am forever grateful that my parents chose this school for me.

When choosing my primary school, I think my parents really liked the fact that Greenfield was a small school but with a variety of opportunities. It was well suited to my personality and allowed me to have the best learning experience I possibly could.

My favourite subjects at Greenfield were English, Science, History and Maths. My teachers were all really enthusiastic about their subjects, and I remember the lessons being fun and interesting, rather than a chore!

I left Greenfield after Year 6 to start at Guildford High School. Even though Greenfield was a small school, I feel that the personal skills the school taught me prepared me for the changes which came with moving from primary to secondary school. The size of Guildford High in comparison to Greenfield was slightly daunting at first, but I soon was able to settle in. Due to my extra-curricular involvement at Greenfield, I felt confident in joining the clubs at Guildford High, and I also felt ready to tackle senior school learning.

I went on to Nottingham Vet School, where I obtained my Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Science degree in 2016 with First Class Honours, and graduated with my Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Surgery in July 2018. I am currently interested in small animal medicine, but I also have a keen interest in zoo and wildlife medicine, so we shall see where I end up!

If I could give some advice to a current Year 6 pupil, I would say to thoroughly enjoy your last year at Greenfield. Don’t stress too much over entrance exams – they are scary, but you will end up wherever is the best place for you, so don’t compare yourself to anyone else and just do your best! Also, really throw yourself into the Year 6 end of year play as the play is a brilliant final memory to take away with you from Greenfield.

There is no doubt that Greenfield gave me the best possible primary school education, as well as friends for life and a multitude of memories!

Anjuli (Class of 2016)

Anjuli (Class of 2016)

girl holding a crab

Hi, my name’s Anjuli and I’m a past pupil of Greenfield. I have just left this year at the age of 10 and am going to Guildford High School.

Greenfield was like a second home to me, everyone was so caring and friendly. This might sound cheesy, but really, they were! I have so much I want to write about this school but I sadly do not have an infinite amount of time or computer screen.

I came to Greenfield when I was 3 years old and went into Owls. That was an awesome year! Doing nothing but dressing up, mushing coloured dough and trying to write my name. School would have been so much easier if I just did that for 7 years. Except that we didn’t! We did have lessons and subjects. My favourite subject at Greenfield was English; I love to write stories and descriptive paragraphs.

My biggest interests and participations were in Music and Sport, so let’s start with Music. I learnt the violin in school and the piano out of school. I loved being part of the Orchestra, Senior String Quartet, Chamber Choir, Senior Choir and Rock band. Lots and lots and lots of music! I also did LAMDA, which is basically drama and performing arts.

Now sport! My favourite sport at Greenfield was definitely netball and using the advantage of my height, I was usually always the goalkeeper. I was defence in everything! Netball, football, hockey…. One thing I learnt from hockey is to NEVER try and do cheerleading in a heavy goalkeeper’s kit. BAD experience.

Onto Year 6. That was the most memorable and fun year. Everyone would think, no! The stress of exams is too much to bear! But they’re wrong. The aim of school is to have fun while learning, right? And that’s exactly what happened.

It was more exciting than scary when everyone got their senior school results. I was thrilled to get into all three schools I wrote for! But my fondest memory of this year was going on our school trips (Isle of Wight and Bushcraft, so much fun!) and performing our leavers play Hairspray. It was really sad on the day of the leavers’ assembly and barbeque. We girls didn’t bother to hold the emotions back; we broke down completely! On the contrary, the boys were silent and just stood awkwardly next to us! If I could give some advice to current Year 6 pupils, it’s to make the most of this year; you’ll never be able to get it again.

I am going on to Guildford High School and although I’m sad to be leaving Greenfield behind, I’m really excited thinking about the new experiences I will have in senior school. Greenfield prepared me really well by giving me the knowledge I have, otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am now, but mainly Greenfield gave me confidence. Without them, I wouldn’t be the loud, chatty girl I am now!

I hope that children looking at this will feel inspired and come to this amazing school to learn new things, make awesome friends and to have fun.

Ellie (Class of 2013)

Ellie (Class of 2013)


Ellie is in Year 10 at St Catherine’s School, Bramley. She left Greenfield at the age of 11 in 2013.

I really enjoyed my time at Greenfield. My parents chose the school for its encouraging and welcoming atmosphere and that everyone is helped to achieve their potential. Greenfield lived up to this, as I always felt supported and happy there.

Greenfield has an active and lively learning environment, so lessons are always interesting and learning is actually enjoyable. I remember always having inspiring teachers and finding all the other pupils very friendly. I always loved the science lessons at school. Our teacher was always so enthusiastic and clearly loved the subject, so it encouraged us to feel the same. I have continued to enjoy science at senior school, particularly biology.

Another favourite subject of mine is drama which also took root when I was a Greenfield. I still look back most fondly on the rehearsals for our school play “The Demon Headmaster” and I am still amazed at the patience of the teachers, let alone their fabulous direction. I have been fortunate enough to come back to see later performances and I am still amazed at the high standard of all the productions. Singing in the choir was also great fun and it was fantastic to win the Woking Choir competition with my friends.

Looking back, it was good to have so many chances to try different things at Greenfield: playing musical instruments, singing, acting, swimming, netball, athletics, hockey, painting and model making. I still have my Roman Shield!

Greenfield helped me prepare for senior school in so many ways; not only did they ensure everyone was prepared for their entrance exams, they also ensured that once we got our places we were ready to tackle senior school life and the challenges we had to face – including things like keeping times for music lessons, having PE kit ready and writing presentations on a computer. All this made settling into senior school so much easier, for which I was very thankful.

When I leave senior school I am still uncertain on what path I will take, currently a degree in science appeals to me. However I do know that in five years I will want to be studying at a good university. To all current Year Sixes I would say: work hard but still have fun and enjoy primary school while you can because, although you want to move on, you will miss it more than you think.

Bethan (Class of 2011)

Bethan (Class of 2011)


Greenfield school is an extraordinary community. I have very happy memories of my time there and I feel that Greenfield really benefited me for senior school. The support that I received helped to gradually build up my confidence, as the teachers always encouraged me to attempt everything I wished and during Common Entrance exam period, the extra help that was given was extremely appreciated.

I think that my parents chose Greenfield because they felt that I would be able to sample and excel in all aspects of school life: academics, music and sport. They viewed Greenfield as an extremely well rounded school. I remember all of my teachers and classmates because Greenfield was such a close-knit community. This really helped me to feel involved and engaged with all activities and tasks. As a relatively small school we were all very close to the years above and below, and the teachers knew every pupil.

Some of my fondest memories were of Book Character days, where everyone dressed up – even the teachers. We all had great fun and the teachers threw themselves into the dressing up too.

My favourite subject was History because the classes were always interactive and interesting, and, five years later, History is still my favourite subject. I am just about to begin my A level choices of Maths, History and Geography. When I leave senior school, I am hoping to go to university to continue my studies.

Overall, I think that Greenfield really helped me to excel in all aspects of school life and it prepared me well for life at my senior school, St Teresa’s, which has been a similar experience to Greenfield – very caring and nurturing and somewhere which encourages you to have a go at things.

Milo (Class of 2013)

Milo (Class of 2013)


September 2020

Milo left Greenfield School in 2013 and has recently started studying Music at the University of Cambridge.

I have many fond memories of my time at Greenfield school.
These include going on residential trips to Walton Firs, the New Forest and France; playing on the school music CD in Year 5; singing in the chamber choir that won at the Woking Music Festival and performing in the Year 6 play.

Greenfield was a very welcoming school, where everyone knew everyone and the teachers were friendly and supportive.
One of my favourite subjects was Music, with plenty of opportunities and encouragement to sing and play instruments in various school groups, as well as arrange music for others to perform. This gave me a fantastic grounding and passion that has continued throughout my time at secondary school and sixth form.

My other favourite subjects were Maths, which my teacher helped to make both interesting and challenging, and Sport, where I represented the school in hockey, cricket and football.

I am now studying Music at the University of Cambridge and still enjoy singing, playing, and arranging as much as I did at Greenfield School!

Ruby (Class of 2016)

Ruby (Class of 2016)

girl in a dress

July 2016

An amazing memory I will never forget is the leavers play, Hairspray. Performing on the stage with my classmates was so much fun and I hope I will have many more similar opportunities in my new school.  I have also loved my school trips, particularly our Year 6 Bushcraft trip and our trip to the Isle of Wight at UKSA. We had such a great time and so many very funny things happened to us all.

I will always remember that many of the teachers included humour whilst teaching us and this made subjects much more enjoyable and memorable. Some of my teachers were really inspirational and they gave me the confidence to have a go.

Something that I remember about the pupils at Greenfield is that even when you are new and shy, all the pupils, whether they are below or above you, will always welcome you into the school community.

I think my parents loved the school when they looked round. It was very friendly, the children were polite and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. They also thought the music and art were brilliant.

I feel prepared for senior school because of all the teachers’ help. Mrs Maher always used to say “At the moment you are big fish in a little pond, but soon you will be small fish in a lake.” I think this is very true but I do feel ready for a fresh start, meeting new people,  learning new things and facing the challenges ahead.

I would describe Greenfield as a happy, caring and welcoming community with inspirational teachers who are always keen to help in whatever way they can. Somewhere that you can achieve whatever you want and are given endless opportunities to thrive.

My favourite subjects at Greenfield were music, art and maths. I have always loved music and Mrs Hart was always so good at giving me confidence to have a go. She helped with my music scholarships as well.

At the moment I have no idea what I will do but I would like to do something that I love and enjoy.

In five years time I hope to be like the current head girl at St. Catherine’s.

I can’t wait to start at St. Catherine’s but I will miss Greenfield very much.

Sarah (Class of 2014)

Sarah (Class of 2014)

girl playing the violin

Sarah left Greenfield in 2014, aged 11, and she now attends Sir William Perkins’s School.

I was a pupil at Greenfield School from age 3 to 11. My fondest memory at Greenfield was finding out that I had been chosen to be Head Girl. I was very proud of this as it was unexpected but meant a lot to me. One of the main reasons why I enjoyed my time at Greenfield was because of the connections I had with the teachers and other pupils. They gave the school a friendly and caring environment and would always be there to look after you and support you. I think my parents chose for me to go to Greenfield because of all the school had to offer and because of how friendly and welcoming everybody seemed. Despite the huge jump from primary to secondary school, I feel that Greenfield prepared me very well. They did this by discussing secondary schools in PSHCE and they encouraged us to become more independent.

My favourite subject at Greenfield was maths because I believe they taught it very well using easy and inspiring techniques. I also enjoyed PSHCE as we spent a lot of time discussing what we were passionate about and everybody had a chance to speak their own opinions. However, now I am at Sir William Perkins’s School, I still very much enjoy maths and PSHCE but my favourite subject is biology. I find it incredible and fascinating. I also love music. I have a music scholarship and am very involved in the music department at SWPS. I also enjoy the music lessons as we do a lot of group work in class.

When I leave secondary school, I would like to have a job related to biology or maths and I would like to still be able to play or sing in public orchestras or choirs.

My advice to a current year 6 is to always try new things and keep doing those things you enjoy doing. Also, always be yourself and remember that it is more important to do your best than to beat other people.

I would describe Greenfield as an amazing school, with wonderful teachers who will go out of their way to care for each and every one of their pupils. And I thank it for all that it has done for me and how the school has made me who I am today.