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Pupil Indemnity (P1) Form
Please complete this form ahead of your child's first day.
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The data you provide on this form will be used to update the School’s Management Information System and will be accessed by staff, where appropriate, to determine the correct course of action in situations involving your son or daughter. It is essential that this information is detailed and correct at the time of completion and it is the parents’ responsibility to update the school on any changes to the details provided on this form.

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of May 2018, we hereby wish to notify you of how we intend to use the information you will provide on this form. The data we request on this form is deemed to be of either legal, vital or legitimate interest to the school. Your data will be kept in its entirety so long as your child is in attendance at the school. When your child leaves the school, some or all of your data may be kept dependent on various qualifying factors. Please see our Data Policy for more information on retention periods and how we use your data.

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