Ellie (Class of 2013)


Ellie is in Year 10 at St Catherine’s School, Bramley. She left Greenfield at the age of 11 in 2013.

I really enjoyed my time at Greenfield. My parents chose the school for its encouraging and welcoming atmosphere and that everyone is helped to achieve their potential. Greenfield lived up to this, as I always felt supported and happy there.

Greenfield has an active and lively learning environment, so lessons are always interesting and learning is actually enjoyable. I remember always having inspiring teachers and finding all the other pupils very friendly. I always loved the science lessons at school. Our teacher was always so enthusiastic and clearly loved the subject, so it encouraged us to feel the same. I have continued to enjoy science at senior school, particularly biology.

Another favourite subject of mine is drama which also took root when I was a Greenfield. I still look back most fondly on the rehearsals for our school play “The Demon Headmaster” and I am still amazed at the patience of the teachers, let alone their fabulous direction. I have been fortunate enough to come back to see later performances and I am still amazed at the high standard of all the productions. Singing in the choir was also great fun and it was fantastic to win the Woking Choir competition with my friends.

Looking back, it was good to have so many chances to try different things at Greenfield: playing musical instruments, singing, acting, swimming, netball, athletics, hockey, painting and model making. I still have my Roman Shield!

Greenfield helped me prepare for senior school in so many ways; not only did they ensure everyone was prepared for their entrance exams, they also ensured that once we got our places we were ready to tackle senior school life and the challenges we had to face – including things like keeping times for music lessons, having PE kit ready and writing presentations on a computer. All this made settling into senior school so much easier, for which I was very thankful.

When I leave senior school I am still uncertain on what path I will take, currently a degree in science appeals to me. However I do know that in five years I will want to be studying at a good university. To all current Year Sixes I would say: work hard but still have fun and enjoy primary school while you can because, although you want to move on, you will miss it more than you think.