Bethan (Class of 2011)


Greenfield school is an extraordinary community. I have very happy memories of my time there and I feel that Greenfield really benefited me for senior school. The support that I received helped to gradually build up my confidence, as the teachers always encouraged me to attempt everything I wished and during Common Entrance exam period, the extra help that was given was extremely appreciated.

I think that my parents chose Greenfield because they felt that I would be able to sample and excel in all aspects of school life: academics, music and sport. They viewed Greenfield as an extremely well rounded school. I remember all of my teachers and classmates because Greenfield was such a close-knit community. This really helped me to feel involved and engaged with all activities and tasks. As a relatively small school we were all very close to the years above and below, and the teachers knew every pupil.

Some of my fondest memories were of Book Character days, where everyone dressed up – even the teachers. We all had great fun and the teachers threw themselves into the dressing up too.

My favourite subject was History because the classes were always interactive and interesting, and, five years later, History is still my favourite subject. I am just about to begin my A level choices of Maths, History and Geography. When I leave senior school, I am hoping to go to university to continue my studies.

Overall, I think that Greenfield really helped me to excel in all aspects of school life and it prepared me well for life at my senior school, St Teresa’s, which has been a similar experience to Greenfield – very caring and nurturing and somewhere which encourages you to have a go at things.