Celia (Class of 2015)

student on holiday

Celia graduated from Greenfield in 2015. After attending Guildford High as her Senior School, Celia is now a Medical student at UAE.

I attended Greenfield Prep School from their Early Years section, in 2007. My younger sister also attended Greenfield with me.

Looking back, Greenfield was unlike other schools in that it had a very supportive atmosphere, where the teachers truly thought of you as an individual and encouraged you to pursue your talents. Everyone seemed to know each other; it was a super friendly community to be a part of.

My favourite teacher was Mrs Maher. She was always so friendly, but still pushed me to achieved my best. I also remember Mrs Kettlewell – she was truly so kind. Highlights of Greenfield included Sports Days, the Isle of Wight trip, a trip to France (although I can’t quite remember what it was for…!) and being a part of the school choir. It was such much fun; we performed in a concert singing competition, as well as at the Royal Festival Hall!

My favourite subjects were Science, Maths and Geography – these sparked a love for these subjects right the way through A-levels, where I achieved 3 A*s in Biology, Chemistry and Geography. I did my GCSEs at Guildford High School, which was also a very supportive school in helping you achieve your personal best.

I’m now a Medical student at the University of East Anglia – one day I hope to become a doctor but not fully decided yet! I also work as a part-time nursery assistant, as well as competing for my University in Dance competitions (which I started during my school years). I continued my love of hockey (also started at Greenfield) and I‘m on the hockey committee at UEA.

Reflecting on my Greenfield years, the supportive atmosphere gave me the best start for higher education, which is so valuable for anyone considering a school for their child. My advice for any children at school right now, hoping to achieve their goals is simply – try your best!