Gemma (Class of 2016)

girl holding a saxaphone

Hi, my name is Gemma and I’m a past pupil of Greenfield. I started when I was 3 years old and left in Year 6 in 2016 and have just finished my first year at St. Catherine’s, Bramley.

When my parents visited Greenfield, they instantly loved the friendly environment and knew that I would enjoy it. As they first looked around, they received a really warm welcome from all the pupils and teachers.

The teachers were extremely encouraging and believed we could do anything.

They made learning really fun and you always wanted to do more. They were also very kind and caring and they helped you to achieve your goals.

Music has always been one of my favourite subjects and Mr Davies helped me a lot to learn to play the saxophone and achieve my Music Scholarships and Awards.

The pupils were kind and welcoming. When you were new and hadn’t made many friends yet, they always welcomed you into the Greenfield community. They looked out for each other, even if they were years below or above you. I loved the buddy system because in Year 6 I looked after some Year 1 children and listened to them read.

Year 6 was definitely my favourite and most memorable year. Most people would agree. Some of the memories I will never forget are the trip to the Isle of Wight and our leavers’ play, Alice in Wonderland. I had the part of the Queen of Hearts and I really enjoyed shouting “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” at everyone. Mrs Sharkey and Miss Botting did an amazing job of my hair and make-up, and Mrs Botting’s mother made me a fantastic costume. The Isle of Wight was an experience I will always remember because I had never sailed until then and I want to do more.

When I am older I’m not sure what I will do but it will probably be along the lines of music and maths.

My first year at St. Catherine’s wasn’t as hard as I expected because the teachers at Greenfield prepared me so well.

Outside of school I compete in Ballroom Dancing and both schools have been so supportive and encouraged me to tell them how I have progressed.

Even though I am now in Senior School, Greenfield will always have a special place in my heart.