Hannah (Class of 2009)


I joined Greenfield School in 2002 and graduated at the end of Year Six, in 2009. I was four years old when I first joined; I almost ended up going to a different school since Greenfield, being a much smaller site back then, so didn’t have any spaces left! Luckily, a couple of days before term was due to start, a space opened up for me, and I remember being welcomed with open arms into the school, despite starting later than most of my peers

I have too many teachers to list as my favourite, but I have particularly fond memories of my Year 2 teachers; Mrs Engel and Mrs Sharkey remember were extremely kind and caring. Of course, Mrs Hine also deserves a mention for developing my love of sport throughout my early years.

Being an avid football fan and player, PE was one of my favourite subjects; and every day I would look forward to playing football at break times. I continued this love of sport into secondary school and beyond. Although I no longer play seriously, I learnt a lot of valuable skills about teamwork and good sportsmanship from it that I use in my life now.

Weirdly enough, another class I loved at Greenfield was our handwriting class. Everyone else in my class seemed to hate them but I found them so therapeutic – I’m proud to say my handwriting to this day is still very good (not to brag!).

Looking back, I think the relationships you form with the teachers at Greenfield really sets the school apart. It never felt like the teachers were treating me as just a ‘student’, they really got to know us as individuals. This not only boosted our confidence, but also enabled our teachers to tailor their teaching methods to suit each individual.

Further Education

I then went on to St Teresa’s school in Effingham as I felt it to be the most personable and caring of the schools I went to visit – something I was already used to having attended Greenfield! I continued playing sports and enjoying PE, as well as History and RE, which I took all the way to A-Level.

After A-Levels, I attended Oxford University to study Philosophy and Theology. I wanted to apply and complete the admissions process – despite it being intense – as it was a valuable experience and I was curious about Oxford University. To get in, I had to submit two essays, take a subject-specific exam and attend five interviews in Oxford with different professors. I must admit I was a bit shocked when I’d finally been told I’d got in!

Whilst it was academically intense, Oxford really wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. I really enjoyed my time at university and will forever cherish the memories I made there. I am so privileged to have received such a great education and I’m sure that spending my foundation years at Greenfield set me on the right path to achieve this.

What’s Next?

I am currently a dog trainer; I lead puppy obedience classes and help people that are having behaviour issues with their dogs. I love it because I get to really make a difference to people’s lives, and who wouldn’t love getting to see puppies every day?! I am working towards becoming a qualified dog behaviourist, where I will be able to help people whose dogs have more serious problems, like aggression or separation anxiety.

Even now, I am still in touch with a number of my classmates from Greenfield. Our families have remained close friends since our school days and when we get together we always reminisce and laugh about all the funny stories we have from Greenfield. The Year 5 trip to Osmington Bay was a particular highlight! I had previously been very homesick on trips away, but the teachers made it a really comfortable and fun atmosphere.

You won’t find a more loving, caring, enriching environment to spend your school days than Greenfield.