James (Class of 2017)

boy in his uniform

James joined Greenfield School in Year 5 where he completed two years before going on to RGS.

In Greenfield, you will be helped and supported right from day one. Before my first day at Greenfield, I was nervous about a lot of things but within seconds of my first day I had completely settled in. Also, I never got a chance to be nervous because of the warm, caring environment. I never got bored because all of the teachers made the lessons fun and enjoyable.

My favourite moment in Greenfield was the trip to the Isle of Wight with UKSA. I especially enjoyed the windsurfing, but the stand-up paddle boarding was also fun because in pairs we got to push each other off the board!

Going to secondary school makes me nervous by just thinking about it, but I have learnt so much from Greenfield so I think I will be fine. Also, I have a few friends from Greenfield coming with me so that takes away most of the nerves.

My favourite subject was PE because we always did things that were so fun and active and we got to try out many different things.

When I get older, I aspire to be a surgeon, but if possible maybe also a cricketer for at least my county because I love cricket. I know that I may not get to do this, so I am open to do many other things.

Our Year 6 play was Alice in Wonderland, which I loved. It was so fun to act out and the play seemed so funny.

I am going to really miss Greenfield, even though I was there for two years, because of the fun times I had there but I am looking forward to my new challenge at The Royal Grammar School.