Kaizer (Class of 2015)

boy holding a ronaldo book

Kaizer left Greenfield in 2015 and moved to Reed’s School in Cobham with a Drama scholarship…

I have quite a few fond memories of Greenfield that stick in my mind. I will never forget when I performed as Mr Jones in our year 4 play, Blast Off! Also, ending Year 6 with an amazing residential to France which was the best school trip ever! I was extremely happy to have Mrs Maher in Year 4 and then again in Year 6. She was such a kind and supportive teacher. Also, Mrs Kettlewell was amazing …everyone should have a Mrs K in their life!

My parents chose Greenfield because of the warm, friendly and caring atmosphere that the school provided. Although there was a lot more to take on board, I think I did feel prepared for the challenges ahead at my new senior school. My advice to a year 6 student would be to work hard, challenge yourself and always think positive.

Greenfield is very caring and supportive school that work you to your full potential. In year 6, Greenfield prepared us so well for the senior entrance exams and interviews.

My favourite subject at Greenfield was Geography as it used to get quite competitive, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Games was also one of my most enjoyable lessons as there was a variety of sports I liked participating in. I enjoy a majority of subjects at Reeds but my most favourites are Drama and Sports!

I hope to continue acting and go on to be someone very successful in my future career!