Milo (Class of 2013)


September 2020

Milo left Greenfield School in 2013 and has recently started studying Music at the University of Cambridge.

I have many fond memories of my time at Greenfield school.
These include going on residential trips to Walton Firs, the New Forest and France; playing on the school music CD in Year 5; singing in the chamber choir that won at the Woking Music Festival and performing in the Year 6 play.

Greenfield was a very welcoming school, where everyone knew everyone and the teachers were friendly and supportive.
One of my favourite subjects was Music, with plenty of opportunities and encouragement to sing and play instruments in various school groups, as well as arrange music for others to perform. This gave me a fantastic grounding and passion that has continued throughout my time at secondary school and sixth form.

My other favourite subjects were Maths, which my teacher helped to make both interesting and challenging, and Sport, where I represented the school in hockey, cricket and football.

I am now studying Music at the University of Cambridge and still enjoy singing, playing, and arranging as much as I did at Greenfield School!