Mollie (Class of 2006)

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I attended Greenfield School from 1999-2006, and the memories I made at the school remain with me today. My fondest memories are from the various school trips and shows I was lucky enough to be involved in: trips to Osmington Bay, the Isle of Wight and France, and shows such as Beauty and the Beast and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. I also fondly remember the variety of extra-curricular activities that I was able to enjoy. I was part of the hockey and netball teams, as well as a member of the school choirs, orchestra and Phantoms band!

The teachers and pupils at Greenfield School were all incredibly friendly, and this gave the school a very safe and family-like feel. In particular, I remember Mrs Becker (the Headmistress during my time at Greenfield), Mrs Halliwell (my Year 6 teacher) and Mrs Kettlewell. They all supported me and encouraged me in my learning throughout my years at Greenfield, and I still reflect on the lessons they taught me. Personally, the pastoral care was key during my first year at Greenfield (as I had difficulties leaving my Mum at the gates!) and the teachers did all that they could to help me. I couldn’t have asked for a better school for me for this reason, and I am forever grateful that my parents chose this school for me.

When choosing my primary school, I think my parents really liked the fact that Greenfield was a small school but with a variety of opportunities. It was well suited to my personality and allowed me to have the best learning experience I possibly could.

My favourite subjects at Greenfield were English, Science, History and Maths. My teachers were all really enthusiastic about their subjects, and I remember the lessons being fun and interesting, rather than a chore!

I left Greenfield after Year 6 to start at Guildford High School. Even though Greenfield was a small school, I feel that the personal skills the school taught me prepared me for the changes which came with moving from primary to secondary school. The size of Guildford High in comparison to Greenfield was slightly daunting at first, but I soon was able to settle in. Due to my extra-curricular involvement at Greenfield, I felt confident in joining the clubs at Guildford High, and I also felt ready to tackle senior school learning.

I went on to Nottingham Vet School, where I obtained my Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Science degree in 2016 with First Class Honours, and graduated with my Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Veterinary Surgery in July 2018. I am currently interested in small animal medicine, but I also have a keen interest in zoo and wildlife medicine, so we shall see where I end up!

If I could give some advice to a current Year 6 pupil, I would say to thoroughly enjoy your last year at Greenfield. Don’t stress too much over entrance exams – they are scary, but you will end up wherever is the best place for you, so don’t compare yourself to anyone else and just do your best! Also, really throw yourself into the Year 6 end of year play as the play is a brilliant final memory to take away with you from Greenfield.

There is no doubt that Greenfield gave me the best possible primary school education, as well as friends for life and a multitude of memories!