Ruby (Class of 2016)

girl in a dress

July 2016

An amazing memory I will never forget is the leavers play, Hairspray. Performing on the stage with my classmates was so much fun and I hope I will have many more similar opportunities in my new school.  I have also loved my school trips, particularly our Year 6 Bushcraft trip and our trip to the Isle of Wight at UKSA. We had such a great time and so many very funny things happened to us all.

I will always remember that many of the teachers included humour whilst teaching us and this made subjects much more enjoyable and memorable. Some of my teachers were really inspirational and they gave me the confidence to have a go.

Something that I remember about the pupils at Greenfield is that even when you are new and shy, all the pupils, whether they are below or above you, will always welcome you into the school community.

I think my parents loved the school when they looked round. It was very friendly, the children were polite and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. They also thought the music and art were brilliant.

I feel prepared for senior school because of all the teachers’ help. Mrs Maher always used to say “At the moment you are big fish in a little pond, but soon you will be small fish in a lake.” I think this is very true but I do feel ready for a fresh start, meeting new people,  learning new things and facing the challenges ahead.

I would describe Greenfield as a happy, caring and welcoming community with inspirational teachers who are always keen to help in whatever way they can. Somewhere that you can achieve whatever you want and are given endless opportunities to thrive.

My favourite subjects at Greenfield were music, art and maths. I have always loved music and Mrs Hart was always so good at giving me confidence to have a go. She helped with my music scholarships as well.

At the moment I have no idea what I will do but I would like to do something that I love and enjoy.

In five years time I hope to be like the current head girl at St. Catherine’s.

I can’t wait to start at St. Catherine’s but I will miss Greenfield very much.