Sarah (Class of 2014)

girl playing the violin

Sarah left Greenfield in 2014, aged 11, and she now attends Sir William Perkins’s School.

I was a pupil at Greenfield School from age 3 to 11. My fondest memory at Greenfield was finding out that I had been chosen to be Head Girl. I was very proud of this as it was unexpected but meant a lot to me. One of the main reasons why I enjoyed my time at Greenfield was because of the connections I had with the teachers and other pupils. They gave the school a friendly and caring environment and would always be there to look after you and support you. I think my parents chose for me to go to Greenfield because of all the school had to offer and because of how friendly and welcoming everybody seemed. Despite the huge jump from primary to secondary school, I feel that Greenfield prepared me very well. They did this by discussing secondary schools in PSHCE and they encouraged us to become more independent.

My favourite subject at Greenfield was maths because I believe they taught it very well using easy and inspiring techniques. I also enjoyed PSHCE as we spent a lot of time discussing what we were passionate about and everybody had a chance to speak their own opinions. However, now I am at Sir William Perkins’s School, I still very much enjoy maths and PSHCE but my favourite subject is biology. I find it incredible and fascinating. I also love music. I have a music scholarship and am very involved in the music department at SWPS. I also enjoy the music lessons as we do a lot of group work in class.

When I leave secondary school, I would like to have a job related to biology or maths and I would like to still be able to play or sing in public orchestras or choirs.

My advice to a current year 6 is to always try new things and keep doing those things you enjoy doing. Also, always be yourself and remember that it is more important to do your best than to beat other people.

I would describe Greenfield as an amazing school, with wonderful teachers who will go out of their way to care for each and every one of their pupils. And I thank it for all that it has done for me and how the school has made me who I am today.