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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Greenfield School

Posted: 2nd January 2023

Established in 1935, our modern prep school has seen numerous evolutions over the years. But what are some things you may not know about Greenfield School today?

1. We are Co-educational Pioneers
Greenfield’s Junior Department has always been co-educational; proudly educating Woking’s boys and girls together up to the age of 11. For many years, we were the only co-educational school in the area. This means that we have over 80 years’ experience in providing a relevant and challenging education that is in no way skewed toward the stereotypical interests of a particular gender. We also recognise the importance of maintaining a balanced, gender-free approach to the environment, expectations, curriculum and extra-curricular activities on offer.

2. Our people are our proudest asset.
We are very fortunate to occupy an impressive building with wonderful facilities but if we had to pick the most inspiring part of a Greenfield education it has to be our fantastic staff. There is something special about Greenfield and it attracts a very special kind of person. With such a strong ethos and kind, caring energy the school naturally attracts teachers who put their pupils first, believing that a happy child will learn.

3. You can hire our fantastic facilities
Many of our facilities are available to hire, including the 3-court sports hall which is suitable for indoor 5-a-side football as well as badminton, tennis, netball and basketball. The dining room is a fantastic space for parties, with it’s view across the playing fields and easy access from the enclosed car park.

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4. Our unique and contemporary approach to education gets results
Education at Greenfield is about more than just small class sizes. Our range of subjects and specialist teachers, right from Reception and Year 1, mean that our children get specialist input from a much younger age and this, in turn, helps us to identify each individual’s talents, skills and interests.

5. We serve our Able Gifted and Talented just as well as our SEN pupils
It’s a misconception that in order to provide an excellent Special Educational Needs provision you cannot provide a challenging, academically exemplary provision for the most able children. At Greenfield, our expertise in differentiation pays dividends for out most able as well as those who require additional support. It means that we are adept at making changes when we spot a child who requires greater challenge or reassurance and this, in turn, teaches our pupils to be dynamic and engaged learners who take responsibility for their own progress.

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