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Record Breaking Results!

Posted: 7th March 2023

This week we celebrate the outstanding results of our Year 6 class of 2023.

The first working day in March is a momentous one for our Year 6 children and their families. It marks the date upon which they must confirm their decision for senior school, having received all offers, scholarship outcomes and state school allocations.

This year, our children had a particularly difficult task on their hands, as the results of their applications had exceeded all previous records in terms of places offered and scholarships or further awards.

All Round Achievement

Greenfield specialises in providing excellence across the curriculum and this is continuously evidenced in our results. Our approach to education and the breadth of specialist teaching ensures that our most able children receive offers from some of the most selective schools in the country, whilst also providing our musicians, artists, thespians, engineers and athletes with all they need to excel in their chosen discipline, and also supporting children with varying additional needs within a mainstream setting. This year, we have once again seen all of this come to fruition and we are enormously proud of what these children have achieved.

The Year 6 cohort in 2022/2023 is made up of 35 children: 18 boys and 17 girls. Of these children, 33 (17 boys and 16 girls) applied to independent senior schools. An average of 2.4* applications were made per child and 91% of all applications were successful; the highest success rate in the school’s history.

Scholarships and Awards

The majority, though not all, of the applications were to schools which offer places based on exam results, either via the ISEB entrance examination or a school’s own assessment. The results from these examinations determine academic scholars, and we were delighted that six of our pupils were recognised with either a scholarship (5), exhibition (1) or award (1) as a result of their academic performance.

Scholarships in other areas are determined following a successful entrance exam and then a scholarship assessment. Many of our children excel across the curriculum and were entered for scholarships at their chosen schools. Three children were awarded scholarships (2) or exhibitions (1) for sport and two children received a Design & Technology scholarship. A further three Art scholarships, one Art exhibition, and four Drama scholarships were awarded to Greenfield pupils.

A particular area of strength this year was in music, where our pupils received 8 scholarships and 1 instrumental award (French Horn) from 7 different schools.

In total, 24 scholarships, 3 exhibitions and 2 awards, were offered to Greenfield pupils this year, across academia, art, drama, DT, music and sport – surpassing all previous records. 42% of the cohort (those who applied to independent schools) earned a scholarship, exhibition or award alongside at least one of their Year 7 offers.

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Preparing for Success

As a Prep School, Greenfield places a great deal of emphasis on the preparation of pupils for the 11+ application process. Whilst this naturally involves academic studies and preparation for sitting exams we also ensure the children are prepared in other ways, including building on their interview skills, providing additional tuition in their scholarship subjects and lots of wellbeing initiatives. We are always very proud of the feedback we received from senior schools when they have interviewed our pupils, as they so often comment on the children’s maturity, but also that their individual personalities shine through.

As an academically non-selective school, our cohorts differ year-on-year. The number of children who have strengths in the Arts, sport or academia varies and this impacts the types of schools to which they choose to apply. In every year group, we have some children who benefit from support for additional learning needs. Their choices for senior school entry will vary from schools that have less rigorous academic entry requirements to those with greater specialist support. It is our aim to treat all of these children equally in terms of the value we place on their individual pathways and in doing so we hope to ensure every child has a bright, successful and happy future ahead.

Full Steam Ahead for Year 6!

We are continuously amazed by all our children for their resilience, determination and profound sense of care for each other throughout this process. They all deserve to be congratulated on this year’s fantastic results. We are also incredibly grateful to our outstanding teachers and pastoral team who guide these children through a huge variety of emotions, itineraries and outcomes over a number of months. Now their exams are over with, the children will embark on an exciting few months of post-exam curriculum, activities and celebrations.

Twenty-nine children are accepting places at a total of 16 different independent schools, with the remainder going to state secondary schools or moving abroad. We are absolutely delighted that all the children are heading to a school of their choosing and we are exceptionally proud of their conduct during what is a long and drawn out process. Congratulations, class of 2023!