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Issue #1: The Greenfield Review (October 2023)

Posted: 17th October 2023

We are delighted to publish our very first edition of the Greenfield Review; our school magazine that covers all the events and goings on from the last 3-6 months of the academic year.

Edition 1 covers from the second half of the Spring Term (February 2023) to the end of the Summer Term (July 2023). Whilst celebrating the many achievements during this period, we look at different topics covered by children in their classroom, any exciting trips, outstanding work, as well as shining a spotlight on some of our members of staff.


  • Greenfield Explores: Where did the children head on their adventures?
  • Young Writers: Enjoy some of the literary works of our children.
  • Getting to Know You: Who are Greenfield’s PE staff?
  • Community Matters: School events with a wider impact.
  • Talking Greenfield: Articles and blogs written by Greenfield staff on various topics.
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