Anti-Bullying Week

Posted: 17th November 2023

From 13th – 17th November, Greenfield celebrated Anti-Bullying Week!

The theme this year is “Make a noise with kindness”, and we placed a focus on reaching out and helping others in need using our voice. With various workshops, performances and meaningful discussions, Anti-Bullying week was filled with compassion, creativity, and unity. The past week was not just about raising awareness; it was a vibrant celebration of diversity, individuality, and the power of kindness.

Odd Socks Galore: Embracing Diversity

One of the highlights of the week was the colourful display of odd socks worn by both students and staff every day. This simple yet powerful gesture sent a resounding message: we celebrate our differences and recognize individuality. As always the children expressed their creativity and we saw sock headpieces, sock hairbands and lots of odd socks on teddies! The kaleidoscope of socks became a visual representation of the diversity that makes our school community so special.

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Empowering Workshops Through Role Play

Children of all ages engaged in Anti-Bullying workshops throughout the week with OpenView that utilized role-playing activities. These workshops provided a safe space for students to explore and understand the dynamics of bullying, fostering empathy and resilience. Through these interactive sessions, our students gained valuable insights into the importance of standing up against bullying and supporting one another.

Songs and Rhymes Spreading Positivity

The week saw the entire school learning an anti-bullying song and a friendship rhyme, adding a musical touch to our collective commitment to kindness. These catchy tunes served as a reminder that through unity and friendship, we can drown out negativity and make a positive impact.

The Friendship Rhyme:

Is someone alone?

Invite them to play,

Include everyone.

There must be a way!

Having a friend,

Who’s different from you

Is a great way

to learn something new!


“Reach Out” Support Maps: Building Connections

Pupils created “reach out” support maps, discussing how they can extend kindness to their peers. These maps not only highlighted the importance of reaching out for support but also reinforced the idea that a small act of kindness can create a ripple effect of positivity.

Defining Bullying: Posters and Reflection

Children expressed their understanding of bullying through posters titled “What is Bullying.” Their work on these provided an avenue for reflection and dialogue about the various forms of bullying and how we can collectively combat them.


Pyjama Day and Fundraising Finale

The culminating event of Anti-Bullying Week saw our students coming together in their cosiest pyjamas. This day served a dual purpose – not only did it create a fun and relaxed atmosphere to round off our week, but it also became an opportunity for our school community to fundraise for Children in Need. Our students showcased that kindness extends beyond our immediate community to those in need – in total we were proud to raise £426 for the charity.

Staff joined in the fun with lots of fluffy slippers and dressing gowns spotted around the school..! Who says you can’t be professional and cosy?


In conclusion, Anti-Bullying Week at Greenfield was a commitment to fostering a culture of kindness, respect, and understanding; a core part of our school ethos. Our final whole school assembly reflected on the definition of bullying, and children were quizzed on their knowledge gained throughout the week during their workshops and conversations. Each individual Year Group then presented their findings from the week and gave their ideas on how we can all “make a noise” about bullying. The activities and events throughout the week not only raised awareness about the importance of standing up against bullying, but also instilled in our students the belief that they have the power to make a positive difference in the lives of others.