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Celebrating Diversity: International Language Day

Posted: 21st February 2024

Every year the 21st February marks International Mother Language Day: a worldwide annual observance held to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to celebrate multilingualism.

A Diverse Community

Greenfield School is proud to celebrate the diversity of individuals, with 41% of our pupils identifying as non-white British. 15% joined the school as an ‘EAL’ pupil (English as a Second Language). Recognising the significance of honouring linguistic diversity, we embarked on a journey to celebrate the multitude of languages spoken within our community.

To kick off the celebration, we encouraged both children and staff to submit video recordings of themselves or family members speaking their native languages. The compilation of these videos was showcased during a special assembly, creating an delightful array of linguistic diversity.

The assembly featured a variety of presentations, from a captivating Italian song to the stirring notes of the French national anthem. Students were treated to a brief course on Tamil, engaging grammar lessons in Korean, and even a joyful Romanian song. The experience was not only educational but also a celebration of the range of cultures within our school.

Following the assembly, students gathered in their house teams, bringing together a mix of ages. This allowed for a more intimate and interactive exploration of different languages. Students took turns standing up and presenting something in their native tongue, sharing personal stories and unique linguistic nuances.

In French club, students took their celebration a step further. They engaged in creating wristbands adorned with phrases reflecting their multilingual identities, such as “je parle hindi” (I speak Hindi). The club members also immersed themselves in practicing French identity phrases, fostering a sense of connection and understanding among students with diverse language backgrounds.


Our school’s participation in International Mother Language Day was a joyous celebration, fostering a deeper appreciation for the richness that linguistic diversity brings to our community. The celebration not only showcased the multitude of languages spoken within our school but also provided a platform for students to take pride in their heritage and share it with their peers. By embracing and celebrating our differences, we strengthen the bonds that make our school community truly special.

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