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5 Things To Do Before Your Child Starts Reception

Posted: 18th April 2023

As we approach the Summer Term and consider our new joiners in September, here are 5 ways you can prepare for your little one starting their transition to big school.

Starting school can be a daunting experience for both parents and children. With settling sessions, taster days and moving up mornings, we aim to ensure all our Reception joiners are raring to go and that their transition is as smooth as possible. If your child is starting in Reception in September (just a matter of months now!) here are 5 things to think about before your child officially starts “big school”.

1. Check in with the school
Communication with the school is key to understanding what to expect and how best to prepare your child for school. Familiarising yourself with the school’s policies, procedures and expectations for both parents and children should set your mind at ease. A lot of this should have been sent to you by the school, but if in doubt give them a call and make sure you are up to date. At Greenfield, we host a coffee morning for parents whilst the children enjoy a morning in the classroom with their future teacher. By hosting this event in the summer term, we hope that families can have a lot of their questions answered in person and hopefully make some new friends too!

2. Go shopping
It may feel like there is a lot to buy ahead of September, so we recommend doing it in stages. If the school has branded uniform items, you can probably book a private appointment at the uniform outfitter or second-hand uniform shop. Doing this early will avoid any stress if they don’t have your size in stock. Check the school’s equipment list before you go and buy pencil cases and lots of stationery, as some schools provide this for the children. Most importantly, make sure to label all clothing with your child’s name to avoid any mix-ups!

…Whilst we’re talking about it, labels deserve a point all on their own. It’s important to label all of their belongings, not just clothing: water bottle, pencil case, backpack, trainers, outdoor coat, hats… anything not worth losing! In a busy classroom, items get lost or mixed up easily and labels prevent any confusion when recovering their belongings. It is also a great help in teaching your child to recognise their name and identify their own missing things.

Sticky labels can be great, but they tend to peel off of textiles over time. Printed stamp labels or sew-in labels still reign supreme, and you’ll find you only have to do it once, instead of replacing it every term. Beware the permanent marker, which tends to run and become illegible if it gets wet.

4. Take it easy
No matter how much you prepare, joining Reception is a busy time for your little one and it requires a great deal of energy and concentration. You’ll probably find they are very tired in the evenings and weekends as they adjust to their new schedule and so it might be a good idea to take things easy in the build up and for a short while after the start of term.

5. Enjoy them!
Lastly, enjoy the time with your child before they start school. Take advantage of the summer months to create memories and experiences that they can share with their new friends. They will soon discover lots of new hobbies, interests and friendships, and before long you’ll fall into your new routine together. Celebrating their first steps towards independence gives them a boost of confidence to take on all the exciting challenges that await.

Starting Reception is a significant milestone and we hope these tips will help you and your child make the most out of this exciting new chapter.

If you are still looking at different options for your child’s school in September, it’s not too late to consider Greenfield School: click the links below to discover more about our education and chat with one of our friendly Admissions team today.

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